Repairs and reconditioning

pri repairs and reconditioning

PRI Robotics maintenance, repair and exchange company, we can work on your semi-conductor production pre-aligners or robots.
The PRI Robotics and Automation company was founded in the late 1990’s and recently taken over by the Eckhart group.

Our company specialises in the repair of pre-aligners made by PRI Robotics and can even exchange your PRI Robotics pre-aligners quickly and reliably, thanks to our many years of experience. The PRI company was founded in 1995. This company’s line of business is making industrial production systems maximally efficient by the use of automated systems. The take-over of this company was a logical decision since PRI Robotics and Automation specialises in the design, manufacture, and incorporation of handling robot arms. We, in turn, provide repair services for PRI Robotics and its machines, but even before a malfunction or a failure occurs, or if the replacement of a PRI Robotics device is necessary, our technicians are also experts in preventive maintenance for PRI Robotics pre-aligners.
PRI Robotics has highly varied target markets, ranging from the production of plant access controls to manufacturing for public transport systems, for example. That includes semi-conductor, automation, 3.0 and 4.0 industries, and the life sciences. For the products that dysfunction, we can make a diagnostic and our teams can repair your equipment. When needed, if your processes cannot wait for too long, Eumetrys Robotics can exchange your PRI Robotics pre aligner, robot or load port within a week.

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