Repairs and reconditioning

brooks repairs and reconditioning

Eumetrys Robotics, specialized in the semiconductor production sector, provides fast and reliable repair of faulty Brooks Robotics equipment.

We also offer complete refurbishment of Brooks robots and preventive maintenance services for your Brooks Robotics systems. Our range of services includes the refurbishment of Brooks robots, loading ports and pre-aligners. With our inspection and replacement service for Brooks loading ports and wear parts, we guarantee the return of your robot to your site within a maximum of 3 weeks. Renovation includes replacement of all moving parts, followed by quality checks to ensure that your robot is running smoothly. In addition, our technicians can intervene on site to install your robot, loading port or Brooks pre-aligner. They are specialized in handling Brooks inserts.

We can also exchange your Brooks robot for a fully operational, refurbished machine. Exchange your defective robots for fully refurbished robots of the same model. To guarantee continuity of production and a rapid return to activity, we undertake to replace your robot within 7 days. Preventive maintenance of Brooks robots is one of our specialties.

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