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Eumetrys Robotics : Your point of reference for robot, pre-aligner, and load port repair and refurbishment services

Quality refurbishment and repairs

We offer pre-aligner, robot andload port repair services. Reliable and enduring solutions for your semi-conductor production machines.
Eumetrys Robotics responds to its customers’ needs quickly and efficiently, thanks to the proven expertise of its staff of engineers. Eumetrys SAS, our semi-conductor production machine repair company, offers various services to its customers depending on their needs. You may choose either a standard replacement or a complete repair of the robots, pre-aligners and load ports on your production line. We can work on both obsolete and current generation machines in your semi-conductor production plants. We guarantee our customers a solution in the shortest time possible, so that your machines can be reintegrated into your semi-conductor production cycle as quickly as possible.

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"Eumetrys Robotic’s goal is to provide support for your handling robots on your semi-conductor production and control machines. We can work on a broad range of obsolete robots to ensure the long working life of your machines, while maintaining the best possible levels of quality and accuracy of measurement."

Maintenance and repairs

Enjoy the full refubrishment of your robots, load ports or pre aligners within only 3 weeks. Our offer includes the full reconditioning with high quality spare parts. Your robot, load port or pre aligner will be integraly tested with a 24h repetability test.

Overhaul exchange

You would like to refurbish your robots, load port or pre aligners but you don’t want to wait 3 weeks ? Eumetrys Robotics offer the exchange within 1 week of your old equipment. You will receive a fully refurbished and tested robot, pre aligner or load port. The new one will be of the same brand and model than the old one.

A wide choice of brands

Eumetrys Robotics offers a wide range of Robots, Load Ports and Pre-Aligners for semiconductor production and process equipment. Our models cover a very wide range of production and process equipment. If you do not find your robot, please do not hesitate to contact us, one of our experts will be at your disposal to answer all your requests.

A wide choice of brands

We offer the best quality for your needs in robots, pre-aligners and loadport. 

Electronic repairs for semiconductor production machines

We offer electronic repair services for the semi-conductor sector and its production processes. We work on load ports, pre-aligners and handling robots.

For most devices used in production or for controlling semi-conductor chips, MEMs, LEDs or semi-conductor compounds, it is the moving parts (handling robots, load ports and pre-aligners) that are most often needed.
If a spare part in one of these critical sub-assemblies fails, or loses placement accuracy, your entire production line will be affected. If the machine that uses that sub-assembly is obsolete, or if the sub-assembly itself was declared obsolete by its original manufacturer, then whether it can be repaired may be in doubt.

Eumetrys Robotics offers semi-conductor producers a reliable, fast, economical and environment-friendly alternative to the complete replacement of your moving sub-assemblies, i.e. robots, pre-aligners and load ports, and this applies to all brands and all models, even those declared to be obsolete. Our semi-conductor robotic repair company offers you the best outcome in terms of cost and efficiency. You no longer need to replace an entire machine, but can now either have your semi-conductor production machines reconditioned by a company that offers to either fully recondition the sub-assemblies that make up the EEFEM of your semi-conductor production or control system, or replace them, with both services covered by a warranty.

Our semiconductor machines repair company is specialized in multiple domains

In our semi-conductor production machine repair company, our staff of specialists can give you the benefit of their experience to propose either a standard replacement or complete reconditioning of your handling robots, load ports and pre-aligners so as to repair them as quickly as possible, generating cost savings for you and advantages for the environment. A standard replacement is also a quick-solution option that will return your machines to production as soon as possible. Eumetrys Robotics undertakes to supply you with a robot of the same model, completely reconditioned (with all moving parts replaced), fully tested, and guaranteed for 6 months after delivery to your site. The “new” robot (or pre-aligner or load port) will be delivered within one week, in exchange for the “old” robot (or pre-aligner or load port) that is no longer operable. Even though we are a semi-conductor production machine repair company, the second option we offer you is the full reconditioning of your defective robot (or pre-aligner or load port). You only need to send your machine to our robot repair department and our expert staff will make the repairs. They will replace all of the robot’s moving parts and all of its wear parts. Robots are then subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they are fully operational. Those tests are completed by marathon handling tests, using wafer loads, and a 24-hour repeatability test.

We are a semi-conductor production machine repair company unlike any other. In fact, most repair companies only offer robot repair services. Unfortunately, this approach puts your machine out of commission for the duration of robot repairs. We, on the other hand, offer an innovative and efficient solution: standard robot replacement. This solution replaces a defective robot for a fully refurbished robot within one week of receiving our customer’s order. The replacement robot is tested and guaranteed to be 100% operational. Our testing is done in a laboratory by robotics specialists. The robots are fully tested using wafers in order to ensure maximum reliability and accuracy for our load port, robot, and pre-aligner repair services. We also offer a service to fully recondition semi-conductor production machines. However, if you choose to use our reconditioning services, our staff will replace all the wear parts on your robot, and not just the defective part that caused it to malfunction: your robot will again be good for production for many years to come. We can help you manage your reserve stock of handling robots, load ports and pre-aligners so that you are never caught in a critical situation with a stock shortage.

We are a semi-conductor production machine maintenance company that provides cost savings and quick turnaround