Load port repair

Eumetrys Robotics offers maintenance services for your equipment and repairs load ports, pre aligners and robots in the semi-conductor industry.
Our expert staff is ready to service your needs for load port preventive maintenance.

Load port refubrishment

Eumetrys Robotics can fully perform your load port refubrishment. This service allows you to recover a load port on which the wear parts have been replaced. Your load ports will also undergo a series of compliance tests in order to ensure that they are operational for production on the systems that require them.
Eumetrys Robots is your point of reference for resolving load port problems. Our staff has proven experience in the field of maintenance for machines used in semi-conductor production. Our primary goal is to meet the needs of our customers in the sectors of semi-conductor production, semi-conductor compounds, MEMs and LEDs.
Load ports are critical components of a semi-conductor production line in terms of protecting and autonomously loading all the equipment at the production site. Load ports are used to load batches of wafers automatically. This is the sub-assembly most often found on a semi-conductor production line.

Load port inspection

Eumetrys Robotics performs Load port inspection. Load ports, like any other moving, mechanical sub-assembly in the plant, have to undergo preventive maintenance in order to be fully operational for the millions of openings they undergo. Our staff can assist with this preventive maintenance to ensure that this key assembly has a long working life. However, if the Load port malfunction problem cannot be resolved on site, we offer you the option of reconditioning at our specialised facility. Our staff can also assist you with managing your reserve stock of load ports. We can help you manage the turnover of defective and repaired load ports in your inventory. Consequently, you constantly have fully reconditioned load ports ready to reinstall on your equipment.