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Frequently asked questions

What is your field of action ?

We can operate throughout Europe and in Israel.

What is your response time ?

We guarantee a response time of 48hours to your request for quotation.

Are your repairs guaranteed ?

All our repairs are guaranteed for 6 months from the date of return to service of your subsystem.

What is your fastest offer ?

We offer a very fast standard exchange solution within 1 week. An efficient team and the choice of air transport allows us to meet these deadlines.

How can i be sure of the quality of your repairs ?

All the robots, load ports and pre aligners that we recondition pass a battery of quality controls and a 24-hour repeatability test.

Do you take care of the disassembly and assembly of the subsystem on my production site ?

Our experts can come to your site to carry out the disassembly of the defective robot, load port or pre aligner but also the assembly of the reconditioned ones. Our team can also take care of the adjustments of the subsystem so that it perfectly integrates your process equipment.

Do you rent equipments ?

In order to save you time during your repairs, we propose a standard exchange offer within 1 week. You will receive a robot identical to yours but in perfect working order and having passed a large number of quality controls.

I am looking for the most economical solution, wich one do you suggest ?

We recommend you opt for a complete reconditioning. This option guarantees you a repair and a return of your subassembly within 3 weeks.

Is it possible for you to reintegrate the sub-assembly on our equipment ?

Our team is able to make all the adjustments that allow the reconditioned sub-assembly to be reintegrated into your equipment. We have specific tools, such as micro-tools, for the adjustment of load ports, robots and pre-aligners.

Is it possible for you to work in a foreign language ?

All of our employees are fluent in English.

What are your values ?

We value excellence, responsiveness and personalization for the benefit of customer satisfaction.

Do you have customer references ?

We can provide you with serious customer references to prove the quality of our repairs and the accuracy of our on-site adjustments and installations.

Do you repair individual parts ?

We repair parts by the unit if the customer wishes. However, we advise to carry out a reconditioning so that all parts of the robot are changed.