Industrial electronic maintenance for semi-conductor production robot controllers

Eumetrys Robotics specialises in robotics and offers you industrial electronic maintenance for your controllers and your semi-conductor production robots.

Semi-conductor production robot maintenance

Semi-conductor production robot maintenance is important because the working life of a handling robot is determined by the wear on moving parts inside the robot. Ball-bearings, motors, shafts, and belts are often the first components that fail after prolonged use. We also performs semiconductor robot controller maintenance.
Our offer enables you to give your robots a new working life. You can then re-install them on your production systems. You no longer have to change out an entire machine, merely certain of its sub-assemblies. Subsequently, you will only have to provide regular preventive maintenance on your semi-conductor production robot, and can look forward to many years of service. Eumetrys Robotics staff can also respond on site to mount and dismount any robot you wish to have reconditioned. Consequently, you can keep your production equipment in operation long after the sub-assemblies in it have become obsolete. Even under those circumstances, our staff can repair the controllers on your semi-conductor production robots.
Our semiconductor robot repair offer involves the replacement of all belts, shafts, purging components, and in short, all of the robot’s moving parts. We can also take care of the preventive maintenance of the controller on your semi-conductor production robots. This is also part of an approach seeking to be environmentally responsible. In fact, our methods of reconditioning can substantially prolong the working life of many machines.

Semi-conductor production machine robot reconditioning

Eumetrys Robotics offers a full semi-conductor production machine robot reconditioning service. All of the devices on semi-conductor production machines comprise robots. And every handling robot is equipped with a control system. We not only specialise in semi-conductor production machine maintenance, but can also take on the repair of your semi-conductor production robots controller.

If the problems of your semi-conductor robot do not allow for repairs, we can proceed, just as for the robot, to a full refubrishment of the controller on your semi-conductor production robot. In fact, if you find that your production robot has a problem, it may be for many reasons. One thus has to consider potential problems involving mechanical parts and connections, as well as the device’s electronic components.

Our specialisation in robotics also means we can perform the inspection of the controllers on your semi-conductor production robots. We can even provide this service for machines so old that the robots have become obsolete. A controller is a critical part of some handling robots in your production process. Controllers are complex parts that must be handled exclusively by specialists.

That is why regular inspection of semi-conductor robot controllers should not be overlooked. These parts are fragile and can be damaged by improper handling, and by dust and moisture, for example. When a problem occurs, you will need to call in qualified technicians to repair your robot controller, or simply to provide inspection for your semi-conductor production robot.

Our specialists have the training and certification required to work on your controllers, whether to mount and dismount them, or to set up the connection with the wafer handling robot. Our staff is always focused on providing the best possible support for your business operations and can also set up your equipment on site. Our team performs semiconductor robot maintenance.