Pre-aligner maintenance and repairs

Eumetrys Robotics offers maintenance and repair services for your pre-aligners based on full reconditioning.

Industrial electronic maintenance for pre-aligner controllers

A specialist in industrial electronic maintenance for pre-aligner controllers and semi-conductor production sub-assemblies, Eumetrys Robotics offers maintenance services for your pre-aligners. Our offer includes the replacement of all wear parts on the pre-aligner, such as belts and shafts. Having acquired substantial experience over many years, our staff can provide both preventive and corrective maintenance for pre-aligners. We guarantee that your pre-aligners will be fully functional after they are reconditioned. In fact, during our pre-aligner inspection, we run pre-aligners through numerous quality control checks to ensure they are fully operational. The same goes for the programs used to control and check pre-aligners. Since controllers may sometimes also malfunction, we can provide pre-aligner controller maintenance services.

Pre-aligner refurbishment

Since they play a critical role in wafer handling, we also offer a full pre-aligner refurbishment. A wafer pre-aligner plays an important role in wafer production: it serves to accurately position the wafers using an optical sensor and an algorithm to detect the edge of the wafer. We focus on this aspect when we perform pre-aligner and pre-aligner controller inspection and replacement of wear parts. The wafer may next be transferred to a measurement or exposure platform. These may accept various wafer sizes: 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” or 1’ (i.e. from 3” to 12”). A pre-aligner can align wafers for both opaque and transparent materials. Pre-aligners are used across the entire range of semi-conductor production machines: metrology systems, depositing systems, etching systems, honeycomb process systems, heat-treatment systems, etc. Reconditioning of pre-aligner controllers must therefore be done quickly so as not to hinder your productivity. At Eumetrys Robotics, we are well aware of that fact and are always careful to properly repair controllers for pre-aligners.

Pre-aligner preventive maintenance

Pre-aligner preventive maintenance must be done regularly and well since these are critical components for producing and controlling semi-conductors. This serves to ensure that wafers are in the precise position required before entering the process chamber. The pre-aligner must therefore be fully operational so as not to delay the rest of the production process. This is true of both its mechanical properties and its electronic programming. We therefore also provide preventive inspection for controllers for pre-aligners. Alignment must be done with great accuracy, which means that any problem with a pre-aligner may disrupt your production process. The pre-aligner positions the wafers accurately before they are actually transferred to the exposure or measurement plate, and thus prevents breakage of the plate. That is why we offer continuous maintenance services for your semi-conductor production equipment, ranging from emergency pre-aligner repairs to the repair of controllers for pre-aligners.