Pre-aligner exchange

Eumetrys Robotics specialises in robotics and can provide you pre aligner fixations or exchanges for your semi-conductor equipment within 7 days.

Pre-aligner reconditioning

Since they are a critical part of semi-conductor production equipment, an issue with your pre-aligners could result in a major production problem, which is why we offer a full pre-aligner reconditioning in record time. Pre-aligners are always associated with the robots on your production lines. Together, they constitute an essential pair to transfer wafers fast and accurately into the production line chamber. However, a malfunctioning pre-aligner can delay your measurements and negatively affect your entire production process. Our pre-aligner exchange offer involves a standard exchange of your defective pre-aligners with entirely reconditioned pre-aligners.

We guarantee that, in the case we replace your pre-aligner, your sub-assembly will be delivered in only 7 days. That component will be the same brand and model as the previous one and will have gone through a series of quality control checks, including a 24-hour repeatability test. Eumetrys Robotics can also handle exchanging the controller on your pre-aligner.

Replacement of your pre-aligner

If necessary, our staff can thus also make a replacement of your pre-aligner.

But how does a pre-aligner work? Most 200 and 300 mm wafers have a “clutch”, which in reality is a tiny notch located on the edge of the wafer, which is therefore not a perfectly round disk. The pre-aligner has to detect this notch so the robot can correctly position the wafer on the “stage”. As needed, the device will fine-tune the alignment based on microscopic reference points found on the surface of the silicon disk. Pre aligner breakdown is a real issue for your 200 mm and 300 mm semiconductor production. Eumetrys Robotics offer the best solution to resolve this issue: pre aligner exchange.

If a pre-aligner malfunctions, the machine will take much longer to implement its process. That delay can affect the output rate of your overall production or control system if it is part of a “bottleneck” machine. Our service consisting of replacing your pre-aligner is thus meant to alleviate this problem.

The operation of a pre-aligner depends on the controller linked to it. Sometimes, the controller is the problem. Eumetrys Robotics offers emergency fixation for pre aligner controller linked to your pre-aligner, as well as to replace it, if necessary. Pre aligner changes is conducted under the same conditions as any other type of reconditioning, which may vary according to your needs, e.g. trouble-shooting and dismounting at your site, as well as mounting the controller and getting it working on the line. Our top priority is to provide a customised response to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for any and all problems with pre-aligners.