Brooks robotics repairs by Eumetrys Robotics

Eumetrys Robotics, specialised in the semi-conductor production sector, performs Brooks Robotics repair and your defective equipment fast and reliably.

Reconditioning of Brooks robots

Eumetrys Robotics specialises in the full reconditioning of Brooks robots and offers preventive maintenance for your Brooks Robotics systems. Our offer includes the reconditioning of your robots, load ports and pre-aligners made by Brooks. With our inspection and replacement for Brooks load ports and its wear parts, we can also guarantee that your robot will be returned to your site within 3 weeks. Our reconditioning includes the replacement of all of your robot’s moving parts. Your robot will then undergo a series of quality controls to ensure it is fully operational. Eumetrys Robotics staff can also respond on site to install your Brooks robot, load port or pre-aligner. Our experts are specialists in Brooks wafer handling robots.

Eumetrys Robotics also offers to exchange your Brooks robot with a fully operational, reconditioned machine. Exchange your defective robots for robots of the same make and model that are fully reconditioned. In order to ensure the continuity of your production and return your machines to operation as quickly as possible, we guarantee that your robot will be replaced in 7 days. Brooks robots preventive maintenance is one of our specialty.

Brooks load port repairs

Our staff can not only replace them quickly but can also perform Brooks load ports repairs. Brooks designs and manufactures automated handling machines, such as robot arms. Brooks Automation is a U.S. company based in Massachusetts. It was founded in 1978 and can thus be considered a pioneer in its field. Brooks has been in business for many years and successfully equipped producers with equipment that was often out of date, but without providing its own preventive maintenance services. Poor preventive maintenance of this equipment may lead to problems with Brooks machines. The main goal of Brooks Automation is to support companies in the automation of their production processes. The company is expanding in a number of market sectors, and in particular in the sector of machines for the production of semi-conductors. Through an astute ploy to buy up smaller companies, Brooks Robot sought to diversify its target markets. Although brooks wafer handling robot, the company now operates in a variety of sectors, such as the life sciences, gas analysis, vacuum systems, and controlled-atmosphere systems. Brooks Automation was also awarded a prize for its R&D work on determining the composition of gas using an auto-resonant electrostatic ion trap.

Just as our company specialises in the Brooks load ports fixation, Brooks Robotics also specialises in the design and manufacture of robots to produce semi-conductors. Those robots are used to handle wafers in semi-conductor production process and control systems. We perform Brooks Robotics changing in only one week.